2014 – the Year of Search


In 2014, the world searched Google trillions of times. As the above video shows, sports, health, and celebrities continue to be major search term categories in the US and across the globe. But what does this mean for your business if you are not targeting the masses? Probably not a whole lot.

The great thing about Google is that they understand this. That is why they provide several tools that allow you to see how these trends affect your business. One such resource is their ‘top charts’ search term tool. You can perform analysis on top search terms by location, year, and category.

For example, if you are in the business of acquiring donations, you can see Google’s top 2014 search terms for acquiring donations below.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge search demonstrates the power of combining viral social media with user generated content, while the Ebola scare demonstrated the power of fear in advertising, also prompting U.S. donations through search.

If you are an energy company, you could also look at the top companies searched in your industry to analyze comparative marketing strategies and tactics.

If you are a company that makes children’s educational products and are trying to decide appropriate placement for your commercials, you can see what kid’s TV programs are most searched.

While not a foolproof way to ensure the success of your campaign, these are just a few examples of how you can use one of Google’s tools to plan your 2015 marketing campaigns.

Or, just contact us and we can help you plan and execute your marketing strategy.